Online Coaching Center

Individual Coaching

What is coaching?

What can you talk about and what can you expect?

For organising our thoughts, finding new options, building resilience, creating confidence, feel connected,  we all need someone sometimes.  Someone outside of our innercicle to find fresh perspectives and new options. Connect with a coach from the Open Coaching Center and there will be full attention for your question. Open to everyone.

We offer up to 5 online or in person conversations between you and a coach. You can bring any personalmatter or question that is relevant to you. What is it that you want to change or develop, what is bothering you? That is the topic of the coaching conversation.

Together with your coach you talk about how you can manage the development you want to achieve, what is maybe holding you back and what options you have to go forward.

The coach explores possible options for change together with you, and of course, you choose what suits you. The coach may challenge you at times to try out new options.

The coach follows a conversation framework that will help you both exploring and find new ways to give direction to your own development and personal growth.

The goal is to develop towards your personal goal. To achieve this, together with your coach, you will: identify blind spots, build self awareness, increase confidence and resilience, and strengthen your skills to self-direct your development.

The relationship between you and your coach is:

  • Non-judgmental
  • Based on trust
  • With mutual respect and confidentiality
  •  With your coach, you will formulate an overall goal for the coaching sessions as a whole and at the start of each conversation, you will decidewhat your focus will be withinthe overall goal.
  •  With your coach, you will discover different perspectives and options in line with the formulated goal.
  •  At the end of the conversation, there will be a short evaluation of the coaching.
  •  Self-confidence : I feel really disappointed in myself lately. I study long hours, but my grades don’t reflect that. It affects my self- confidence and I want it back.
  •  Procrastination: I find myself putting off tasks and assignments until the last minute and this increasesmy stress and feeling of guiltiness. I want to make steps out of this pattern.
  •  Maintaining motivation: staying motivated through the whole year is challenging, especially duringcourse or internships that seems like never ending. I want to get back on track.
  •  Academic pressure: I feel overwhelmed by the high expectations placedon me to excel academically. I want to feel less stressed.
  •  Managing workload: I have multiple assignments, project,and exams. How can I take care of myself?