Online Coaching Center

Are you hesitating if coaching is right for you? Are you not sure about your question? Then you can apply for an intake and one or our coaches will support you in finding your goal.

For Ph.D Students

I constantly doubt myself. I'm not living up to my supervisor’s expectations. I am not as smart as other Ph.Ds. I want to develop strategies to believe more in myself.

For me, it is really hard to study online. Sometimes my motivation is so low I near to give up. But that is not what I really want.

Not knowing exactly how to go about my project makes me stress out. I want (to learn) to be more independent and self-regulating in my study work.

Again in the examstress? Doubting yourself, and a simmering feeling of panic? We believe that this habit can be changed. And you can do it!

My first reaction in a situation is that I adapt to others. I notice that I get stressed and nervous when I need to come up with a plan for myself, to be more independent.

I thrive when someone tells me what to do. Studying means more and more that I need to figure things out myself, for my personal growth.

There are many more challenges. What's yours? OCC coaches like a challenge. We tailor our skills to your needs.

I feel really disappointed in myself lately. I study long hours, but my grades don’t reflect that. It affects my self-confidence and I want it back.

Sometimes I need to work together with fellow students. I don’t seem to get my ideas across to them. I typically get into a struggle whose idea is the winning idea.


Everybody can be confronted with doubts, insecurities, lack of motivation, stress, etc. You don’t have to face these challenges alone. The trained coaches of the Online Coaching Centre are ready to talk to you and look for other ways to deal with things. They support you in your personal development and contribute to your personal growth, adjusting to each individual situation. Warm and enthusiastic student coaches, supported by a panel of experts, will converse with you and ask nice, reflective questions to get to a new outcome. Your coach will join you in your adventure, to develop and strengthen yourself.