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Examples of coaching topics

  1. For me, it is really hard to study online. Sometimes my motivation is so low I near to give up. But that is not what I really want.  
  2. I thrive when someone tells me what to do. Studying means more and more that I need to figure things out myself. Not knowing exactly how to go about my project makes me stress out. I want (to learn) to be more independent and self-regulating in my study work 
  3. feel really disappointed in myself lately. I study long hours, but my grades don’t reflect that. It affects my self-confidence and I want it back 
  4. Sometimes I need to work together with fellow students. I don’t seem to get my ideas across to them. I typically get into a struggle whose idea is the winning idea. I want to figure out how to become more effective in my communication and work together without competition. 
  5. My first reaction in a situation is that I adapt to others. I notice that I get stressed and nervous when I need to come up with a plan for myself.  What if it is a wrong choice that I make. And then I get more anxious. How can I get unstuck in this pattern and become more independent?


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