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Our mindset can grow, our willpower can develop and our wellbeing can improve.

In Partnership with Online Coaching Academy We offer several Workshops in other to raise your self-awareness about what wellbeing is? and How we can improve our Well-being,

Do you want to work more and Implement the technics and insights that you get out of the workshops? Then Our coaches are ready to tailor their coaching skills to your need, in 1 to 5 free individual coaching conversations, Online and Life.

This week we will embark on a journey together to improve our well-being, and our support workshops and coaching services will continue.


Workshops during the Wellbeing Week 2022, May 19th -13th

Conflict is inevitable. During your work, during your studies, in your private life.

You will inevitably end up in a situation where your goals seem incompatible with those of someone else. So, how can you make sure that your conflicts will be productive? That is the question we will explore in this workshop.

You will learn more about your personal conflict style and what you can do to respond more constructively to conflicts. You will learn to listen to other people on a level of interests and needs as well as to their positions. And you will learn how you can bridge differences both within yourself and with other people but don’t expect to sit back and listen! This workshop will be highly interactive and

you might even find yourself in a conflict.

Date and time:  Tuesday 10 May  10:00-13:00

Location: De Buitenhuis Kamer

Language: English

Free entrance

Trainer: Jan Reinder Rosing 


In deze workshop vertelt mr. dr. Hilke Grootelaar, cum laude gepromoveerd in de Rechten haar verhaal. Ze leidde een succesvol leven in de wetenschap, had talloze publicaties op haar naam en zou als ze nog even door zou werken uiteindelijk professor kunnen worden. Maar het liep even anders. Waarom? Omdat succesvol zijn niet hetzelfde betekent als gelukkig zijn.In deze workshop staan we stil bij het verschil tussen succes en geluk. Beide begrippen streven we in onze snelle op prestatiegerichte maatschappij na, maar beide begrippen hebben een hele andere betekenis voor ons. Je leert meer over jouw eigen drijfveren in het leven. Bereik je wat je bereikt omdat succes of geluk nastreeft? En wordt je daarin eigenlijk gestuurd door liefde of door angst? Met behulp van interactieve oefeningen kom je daar in deze workshop achter.

Date and time:  Tuesday 10 May  13:00-15:00

Language: Dutch

Location: De Buitenhuis Kamer

Free entrance

Trainer:Hilke Grootelaar


Do you ever feel you are losing more energy than gaining? Do you tend to postpone or even ignore certain situations and people? Are you often wondering why some things go smoother than others? Do you wish to feel more balanced, with more energy and a big smile on your face? Welcome to the workshop “Finding your core position”. You will learn more about yourself in relation to others, your effect on others and each other, by reflecting on your (unconscious) dominant position, both physically and mentally, in certain situations. You will discover if you are more attached, detached, or in a contact position and why. And of course what implications does this have on your level of energy, motivation, and communication. Last but not least you will find ways to deal with this in a better way. This workshop is about experimenting and experiencing. Of course, there will be talking and theory involved. But do expect to work, both physically and mentally. See you there!

Date and time:  Wednesday 11 May 13:00-16:00

Language: English

Location: room 0.33G (bestuursgebouw)

Free entrance

Trainer: Sigrid Burg


We get to work on what are mental problems, How you recognize them, How you talk to each other and what can you do for the other and for yourself. You learn to recognize signals of mental problems. You practice how you can start a conversation with someone with whom you suspect mental problems and how you can act when someone is in a crisis. With the knowledge and skills you learn in the workshop, you can really make a difference in the life of someone who is having a difficult time mentally. It’s about the first help you can give to others around you and, of course, to yourself.

Date and time: Thursday 12 May 13:00-15:00

Location: De Buitenhuiskamer

Language: Dutch and English, (adapted to the participants)

Free entrance

Trainers: Meike van Dommelen and Sunita Chote


Workshops after Wellbeing Week 

Willpower is something you can develop. Good news for students who would like to gain more willpower for studies, sports, or any personal goals.
We will discuss strategies to grow your willpower. You will learn how to increase your motivation, how to prevent willpower ‘leaks’ and learn strategies to be more effective at achieving your goals. We will tackle pitfalls, such as the so-called ‘what the hell effect’, the ‘halo effect’, and the ‘moral licensing.
With more willpower, you can achieve more. But… very often people associate willpower with ‘being tough on yourself. During this workshop, we will see why this is actually not a very effective strategy and how more gentle strategies can be more effective. Willpower and self-compassion can go hand in hand.
So, do you want more willpower for your study, less TikTok, workout more often, eat healthier, or something else? Then you are more than welcome.

Date and time: Monday 23 May 13:00-16:00

Location: Janskerkhof 2/3, room 116.

Adress: Janskerkhof 2/3, 3512 BK Utrecht, See on Google Map

Language: English,

Free entrance

Trainers: Imre Végh