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Mapping your happiness next to your success WORKSHOP

“Mapping your happiness next to your success” Workshop Registration

“Mapping your happiness next to your success” Workshop Registration

🌟 Embark on a Journey to Transform Your University Experience! Join us for an electrifying sneak peek into the ‘Mapping Your Happiness Next to Your Success’ workshop. Imagine a path where your happiness thrives hand in hand with your accomplishments, and every moment of joy propels your success. Discover the power of balancing personal goals alongside your academic journey, and ignite your potential with dynamic strategies that redefine university life. Buckle up for a taste of what’s to come – your extraordinary voyage begins here!”

In order to ensure your place at the “Mapping your happiness next to your success: Navigating our path to fulfillment” Workshop, we would like you to register.
We will contact you shortly with more details and your participation number.
The workshop will be held the 6th of September from 17:00 at Science Park Utrecht (more specific information will be given after the registration)

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