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WBW Coaching May 2022

GROWTH MINDSET  coaching- WBW May 2022

Our mindset can grow, our willpower can develop and our wellbeing can improve.  

During Wellbeing week, Monday 9th – Friday 13thevery day from 9-17h and 18-21h. 

OCC coaches will support you to improve your wellbeing, Happiness, Motivation, engagement, Tackle pitfalls, and define your goals and your strategies. Your coach listens to your story, struggle, success, or your challenge in a nonjudgmental conversation; together you can find more gentle strategies that can be more effective for you. Everybody is welcome. 

  • Free individual coaching Online and campus contact in 12 languages 
  • You can continue your coaching Conversation after WBW with Up to five free conversations of 45 minutes 

You are the only the game-changer in your life, Ready to start now 


Do you want to know what wellbeing is and How you can improve it? 

How Happy you are and do the Happiness test?


You can find the Happiness test and Several Tools including Videos, explanations, Challenges, and Inspiring material in Our E-learning Platform, every

body has a personal Own Dashboard.

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Do you want to work more in dept, and implement the techniques in your daily life?

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The THERMOS Test (dashboard) provides you with insight and actionable feedback on your study behavior.

Do you want to test your motivation and engagement and change your study Behavior, Then Join the Thermos here

You can do it many times and trace the changes, in this process your OCC coaches will support you.

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