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In order to apply, you fill in the application form which can be found here. After that, your coach will get in touch through the mail address you have provided, and the two of you can make an appointment that fits both of your schedules.  
The conversations with your coach will be done in a structured way. You will always start with exploring together what is going on with the topic you want to address and what you would like to achieve. Together you can decide how many conversations you would like to work with your coach, it could range from one conversation to five and after your last conversation you can redecide if you want to continue for another maximum of five conversations.  
With your coach you will formulate an overall goal for the coaching as a whole and at the start of each conversation you decide what your focus will be within the overall goal. With your coach you will discover different perspectives and options in line with the formulated goal.  
At the end of the conversation there will be a short evaluation of the coaching conversation and you fill in a short evaluation form for your coach.