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The Online Coaching Center was devised by Hamed when the Netherlands had its first lockdown, in March 2020. Suddenly, all classes had to take place online. He participated in UU’s Incluusion program, which allowed him to follow the course Coaching & Training: theory and practice, ministered by Assistant Professor Daniëlle Vlaanderen at the faculty of Social & Behavioural Sciences. She asked Hamed what he could contribute to her course. A week later, the plan for the OCC was on her desk.

Hamed’s idea was to create an online center where students could find help with issues they commonly face in their life and studies. “It had to be a place that did more than solving problems. It’s also about personal growth, development and unlocking students’ potential”, he explains. The coaches were recruited among the best students of Vlaanderen’s course, so they could gain work experience. “Hitting two birds with one stone”, as Hamed puts it.

Such an online center did not yet exist at Utrecht University and was thus an addition to the support offered by UU on campus, which had been hampered or interrupted by the lockdown. Moreover, the switch to online education and other measures to combat Covid-19 were expected to cause even more study problems. “In a crisis, people tend to seek each other out, but Covid required us to keep a minimum distance of one and a half meters from each other”, says Hamed.

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Alie Naus Lisa Brandsen,
Amy van Stiphout Lisa van Regteren
Andrea Schmitz Luca van Fessem
Aniek Messink Maartje van der Schoot
Anna Sulyok Margreet Kuiper
Anne Breeuwsma, Marleen ter Laak
Anouk van Opstal Meijring Briit
Arianna Kordoni Michel de Smet
Bahar Bahador Mona Aminifar
Cas van der Beek Nina Vanderwee
Chaigneau Joep Nour Alhalbouni
Danine Janssen Rachel van den Brink
Ebony Hodgson Renske Nijman
Elena Melissa Boekholt Rosa Helmantel
Eline Hoogers Ruth Mateos Shepherd
Emma Koek Sam van Hout
Felicia van Haastert Sander van der Lee
Flórianne  Derks Sandra van de Baan
Gerdienke Reijmes Sanne Willigenburg
Hanna Gonsalves Selver Uslu
Herrateu Eumar Sophie Verkleij
Isabelle Nijholt Tera van de Veen
Jill Bakker Tomas Fernandez Dominguez
Julia Nabbe Veerle Siebinga
Jurriaan Klein Schiphorst Vera Joosen
Lara Henstra

  • Tessa Stoop luckily had the knowledge to take care of the website, always quick and with clear thinking in her contributions to our content.
  • Anne Geesink cheered us on with her coaching expertise and created the OCC  logo.
  • Renske Nijman wrote the coaching manual for the coaches as a document to go back to for creating good conversations.
  • Vera Joosen translated all the content of the website into Dutch with her critical reading and language skills