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This video is about: What is Coaching? Why would you want to get Coaching? and How does Coaching work?

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What is OCC coaching?

Coaching in the OCC is up to 5 online or life conversations between you and a coach. It is about a personal matter or question that is relevant to you. What is it that you want to change or develop, what is bothering you? That is the topic of the coaching conversation.  

Together with your coach you talk about how you can manage the development you want to achieve, what is maybe holding you back and what options you have to go forward.  

It’s a learning journey to find new ways to give direction to your own development and personal growth. Together with your coach, you explore pathways to resolve issues. The goal is to develop strategies to achieve an improved performance towards your personal goal.  

To achieve this, together with your coach, you will: identify blind spots, build self-awareness, increase confidence and resilience, and strengthen your skills to self-direct your development. 

 The relationship between you and your coach is: 

  • Non-judgmental 
  • Based on trust 
  • With mutual respect and confidentiality